Library overview

The library is located in the Meeting Room (located in the south-east corner of Building A). It is open at all times to residents of Villiers, and is accessible by means of the orange key.

  • Fiction is catalogued in alphabetical order on the left side as you walk in together with some miscellaneous non-fiction.
  • Biographies can be found on the right, where the returns shelf is also located.
  • Borrowing. When a book is borrowed, there is a note book on the table in which residents can enter their unit number, name and author of book and date borrowed. Generally, the lending period is about 3 months (which beats any municipal library) and date returned should be recorded next to the original entry.
  • Returns. Returns should be placed on the top shelf on the right side of the library so that the librarians can reshelve them.

While the library is a little top heavy with crime fiction, there are some wonderful books buried among them and the non-fiction section also houses some gems.


The library is managed by a volunteer team of residents:

  • Dominique McGlynn (unit 3)
  • Pam Cameron-Smith (unit 5)
  • Yola Center (unit 24)
  • Barbara Turnbull (unit 25) 


Detailed rules for the use of the Library/Meeting Room may be found via the following link -> Library/Meeting Room Usage Rules (updated Nov 2017)



The Library team