About Villiers - Facilities

The library is located in the Meeting Room (located in the south-east corner of Building A). It is open at all times to residents of Villiers, and is accessible by means of the orange key.

  • Fiction is catalogued in alphabetical order on the left side as you walk in together with some miscellaneous non-fiction.
  • Biographies can be found on the right, where the returns shelf is also located.
  • Borrowing. When a book is borrowed, there is a note book on the table in which residents can enter their unit number, name and author of book and date borrowed. Generally, the lending period is about 3 months (which beats any municipal library) and date returned should be recorded next to the original entry.
  • Returns. Returns should be placed on the top shelf on the right side of the library so that the librarians can reshelve them.

While the library is a little top heavy with crime fiction, there are some wonderful books buried among them and the non-fiction section also houses some gems.


The library is managed by a volunteer team of residents:

  • Dominique McGlynn (unit 3)
  • Pam Cameron-Smith (unit 5)
  • Yola Center (unit 24)
  • Barbara Turnbull (unit 25) 


Detailed rules for the use of the Library/Meeting Room may be found via the following link -> Library/Meeting Room Usage Rules (updated Nov 2017)



The Library team

Dear Bookworms 


Please do not leave any unwanted books in the library until Christmas. We are being swamped with books which are very often doubles of ones we have already and shelf space is becoming very limited. 

If you do leave books after the Christmas period, can you check on the shelves that a copy does not already exist. Vinnies in Crows Nest and Waverton is always happy to take books as is the Coal Loader in Waverton.


Happy Festive reading 

The LIbrary Committee.

The library has had some great donations in the past month, both in the fiction and non-fiction section which we invite you to examine. Access to the library is by the red key and it is open to residents at all times. To borrow a book, simply fill the requested details in the book on the large table, and borrowing is up to 3 months per book, which beats even extensions at the municipal libraries! As you enter, you will find biographies and miscellaneous subjects on your right and fiction, travel, history and geography and cooking books on your left.


Happy reading


Sandy (Unit 1), Barbara  (Unit 25), Yola (Unit 24) and Dominique (Unit 4), who are happy to answer any enquiries.